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Seven Secrets to a Great Day Trip




Whatever your situation, you need a time out. You need a day away, and not just any day. A day that soothes your restless spirit, rekindles your inner fire, and transforms your soul. A day more powerful and beneficial than a week of site-seeing in Europe or lounging on a tropical beach.

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• NO detailed itinerary to create,
• NO need to call the pet sitter or someone to water your plants,
• NO having to work extra hours so you can be away from the office.

Best of all, it doesn’t require laying out gobs of cash on hotels and airfare. You don’t have to spend anything more than a little money on gas or a mass transit ticket.

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Day Tripper Northwest combines my love of travel, writing, and personal transformation. In sharing my day-tripper adventures, my goal is simple: to inspire others to explore the wonders in their own backyard as they discover the deeper wonders within. Click here to learn more about Day Tripper Northwest and me.